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Stressed To Kill
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Stressed To Kill

About Stressed to Kill

Stressed to Kill is a revolutionary new concept in stress reduction Combining the very latest discoveries in mind-body science and age old wisdoms, Stressed To Kill will enable you to learn how to banish the ravishes of stress from your life forever. In less than an hour you'll have learned three simple techniques you can use every day that get real results fast!

Track Listing - CD One

  • Introduction
  • The mind-body connection
  • You are in control?
  • The breath of life David Shphard
  • Using your eyes to relax
  • Using the power of association
  • All out total relaxation
  • Making it happen

playing time > 56.35 minutes

Track Listing - CD Two

  • Breathe
  • Anchor it
  • Relax

playing time > 60.51 minutes


Price: £14.95 + £2.69 P&P incl. VAT