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Conversational Change
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MP Conversational Change

Conversational Change

Mastering the Art and Science of Transformational Linguistics

Audio Programme 8 CD 's - 1 DVD Set

This product consists of the NLP Master Practitioner Conversational Change curriculum on audio CDs. The CDs contain a mixture of studio and live recording. The theories and concepts are recorded in the studio for increased clarity. Demonstrations, discussions and question and answer sessions are recorded live at our training programmes to create a sense of reality and involvement.

A unique feature of this programme is that a demonstration DVD is included. The demonstration was videoed at our training programme and appears unedited so you get to see what really happened. The demonstration is then explained to assist your learning. The programme comes with a complete Training Manual.

Who is the trainer on the Conversational Change Programme?

David  Shephard

David Shephard

Managing Director and Head of Training and Research

  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP
  • President of The American Board of NLP
  • Certified Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy®
  • Doctor of Esoteric Studies
  • Instructor of Hypnotherapy

The entire programme is recorded and led by David Shephard, Master Trainer of NLP and Chairman of The Performance Partnership, a highly successful Training Institute. In 1990 when David left his successful career in Electronics, Information Technology & Marketing he began his quest to discover how to enable everyone to create the life of their dreams. His ferocious curiosity led him to study personal development on many levels, from the purely scientific to the truly magical. He is renowned for his ability to make the most complex subject easy and fun to learn by anyone.

In addition to being a Master Trainer of NLP, David is also a Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, an Instructor of Hypnotherapy and Teacher of C21st Magic. He has been teaching NLP continuously for more than a decade and is a highly sort after Motivational Speaker, Business Trainer, Performance Coach and Therapist.

Why Conversational Change?

The change techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming are incredibly powerful and fast. Unfortunately, for many people they work in an environment where using formal change processes would not be appropriate. This is where Conversational Change comes in. During this programme you'll learn how to use powerful change processes using language alone. This means you and others will be able to experience the awesome power of NLP anywhere that it would be OK to talk with someone. Face to face, on the telephone, even by letter or email.

What will you learn from Conversational Change?

The Foundations Of Conversational Change

  • What makes Conversational Change possible and work.
  • The Presuppositions of Conversational Change.
  • The rules for success with Conversational Change.

Advanced Linguistic Presuppositions

  • Recognising Linguistic Presuppositions.
  • Creating Linguistic Presuppositions wilfully.
  • Gaining ultimate flexibility with Linguistic Presuppositions.

The Patterns Of Milton H Erickson

  • The Milton Model.
  • Embedded Commands and Intonation Patterns.
  • Patterns of Direct and Indirect Suggestion.
  • Creating Double Binds.
  • Designing Transformational Metaphors.
  • Multiple Embedded Metaphors.
  • Neutralising Toxic Metaphors.

The Questions Are The Answer

  • Chunking Questions for moving someone's mind from the abstract to the detail and vice versa.
  • The Meta Model.
  • Meta Model III and Directed Questioning.
  • Conversational Strategy Elicitation, Pattern Interruption and Strategy Scrambling.

Linguistic Submodalities

  • Creating Linguistic Chains to move stuck states.
  • Conversational Submodality Change.
  • Mastering the Language Of Time.
  • The Time Scramble.
  • Conversational Time Line.
  • Using Time Release Suggestions and Objection Inoculators.

Sleight Of Mouth Patterns

  • Belief Buster Questions.
  • How to elegantly reframe anything.
  • Learn 16 powerful reframes for any objection.

Advanced Neuro Linguistic Patterns

  • Advanced Patterns Of Persuasion.
  • Using Cartesian Logic and directionalised language.
  • Conversational Belief Change.

How is the Conversational Change Programme structured?

The entire programme is recorded by David Shephard, Certified Master Trainer of NLP. The main content of the training is recorded in the studio for increased clarity and structure.After each new technique David introduces he gives you an exercise to integrate your new knowledge. Then the CD cuts to live Q&A sessions recorded at several of David's NLP Master Practitioner Certifications. To make this advanced material even easier to learn there are live demonstration of several techniques on the included DVD.

Who is Conversational Change designed for?

The techniques described on this programme are advanced and David assumes you have knowledge and experience to the level of an NLP Practitioner. The techniques covered are very powerful transformational tools that can be used anywhere you can have a conversation, including:-

  • Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Presenting
  • Selling
  • Managing
  • Advertising

What if I do the Conversational Change Programme?

This programme is not just about language; it's about learning a totally new way of communicating. In life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you communicate.

So the repercussions of this programme, for you and others around you, are staggering. Conversation will never be the same again!

Price: £295.00 + £12 P&P incl. VAT
Includes 8 CD's and 1 DVD.